05 August 2011

Surprise (Late) B'day Gift

Good morning bloggers!
I arrived early @ the office, so got some 'me' time for a minute ;).

Ok. The plan is to post my B'day gift. I know... it was past few months since my B'day (its on may) but few days a go, I still got surprise from my best friend.

We talked earlier through ym. She asked me to joined her and several friends to watch Harry Potter (again but this time in 3D) but unfortunately I couldn't make it >__<. So she stopped by in the evening to my office and give me a b'day present. Horray!!!

Flowers on my messy desk
It was really a Surprise for me. I mean.. for last few years I never really give her any B'day gift. I just send Surprise B'day Cake to her office and never consider it as B'day Gift. So I never expect to get any gift from her. Besides.. her presence for all these year is already a gift from me. 

Anyway... she insist me to open it right away (so she can see my expression) for what she already bought for me. And Voila!!!

I get this black PUMA bag. It was simple bag with lost of small pocket. LOVE IT A LOT!!!

The only message from her is this....................
"Hon... please don't move your closet to this bag."
:D *big grin*. After more than a decade of friendship, she understand me so well. I mean my bad habit. YES!! I tend to just put everything to my bag. Bit of this.. bit of that. Less than a minute, I carry a heavy bag even when we just go for a movie >__<

Anyway.... really grateful for this bag.. for this friendship. And I promise you my dear friend.. I wont move my closet into this lovely bag ;)


  1. selamat ultah..mau neh tasnyaaa :D

  2. Makasiiihhh ^_^ yahhh ini aja dikasihh :D