08 August 2011

Trying New Style for My Hijab

Since I decided to wore hijab years a go,  I always like to play with my hijab (here in Indonesia we call it Jilbab or Kerudung). I Love to add it with brooch, necklace (yes, sometimes I wore it on my hijab and not my neck), headband, and more.

Its not always easy to do that since I have a round face (not including bit overweight figure). So I have to try for not make my face more chubby than it should be *sigh*.

Latest trend in Fashion Hijab is this one..

Called Ciput (something you wear before your hijab/jilbab) Ninja. The material is Spandex Lycra. I never try this because in my opinion it will make my face more round that it should be (see how it stick to her face?). So, I considered it as a BIG NO NO for me.
Today... I try it anyway. I don't know why I did it or what encourage me to wear it. And here's how I look after wearing this before my hijab.

My new style 4 today
Not so bad right?!!?


  1. there's so many beautiful ways to use our hijab recently.
    and that's really makes me happy. im not confused anymore how to wear my hijab.
    nice post, thanks 4 shared.
    anyway visit my silly blog too, haha.
    add ur comment there. ;)

  2. nice :) not bad at all, i think! :)