04 August 2011

{Writer's Workshop} 10 Tips for Myself

According to archives on my blog (my 1st), I've been blogging since 2005. That means I've been here for about 6 years. Gosh!! Quite a long time. But yet.. I feel that I haven't done much in writing. Specially writing in English :(

So.. after 6 years.. Tips which I can tell to myself are........

1. Just Write it Down! Don't think to much. Well.. you may write it as draft 1st in ur computer (or maybe in a piece of paper), if you still wanna make correction. But please.. don't forget to push that  'Publish Post' button.

2. Make a simple but unique name for your blog and make it sound international. I mean if you wanna have blogging friends from around the globe.

3. Just play with color and make your blog interesting. Not only for your readers but for yourself. Who know.. colorful blog might boost you to write more. 

4. To lazy to write?!?!? Then grab your camera, take a shot, give some caption and voila!! You have one post.

5. Go Blog-walking!

6. Leave comments. Wait. Don't just a comment. Leave a real comment. Who knows..maybe the owner of that blog will pay a visit to your blog too.
7. Follow a good blog and learn from them.

8. JOIN Writing Prompts as soon as possible so you have lots of idea. Don't be like me who's late in joining MamaKat.

9. Don't be greedy. Start with 1 blog but post with commitment instead of having several abandoned blog.

10. Start NOW.. and don't tell anyone you talked about in ur blog ;)

Happy Blogging ^__^



  1. Hai Friend, apa khabar?
    Saya buat postingan baru nich.
    Kalau sempat silahkan mampir di blog saya, yaa…
    Kita bisa berbagi tentang motivasi.
    Selamat menikmati, semoga bermanfaat.

  2. Great advice, thanks for sharing

  3. Great tips! I recently wrote a post on the importance of "just writing it down," so I could not agree more with that one. So often, it's easy to convince ourselves that we have little to say, but that usually isn't the case.

  4. 4. To lazy to write?!?!? Then grab your camera, take a shot, give some caption and voila!! You have one post.

    I am trying SO hard to do this. SO HARD. I've got two little ones and I try to remember that I'm not always going to have words to express how I'm feeling or how exhausted I am, but by golly, a pictures says a thousand words! Great post! Don't stop inspiring yourself!

  5. @ Socio: Hi juga. Blognya inspiratif sekali pak ^_^

    @ Kisatrtle: Thanks dear ^__^

    @ Jessica: Hi dear. Yes, sometimes I feel that I think way to much on what I want or I should wrote and finally end up with writing nothing *sigh*

    @ Supahmama: Thank you dear. Sometimes it's easier to inspiring others that myself.

  6. These are all such great tips. I think the most important one is to write things down - so many times, I spend too much time thinking before I actually start to write something.

  7. @ The Girl Behind: Yup. I got the same problem here :D