02 August 2011

2nd Day of Ramadhan

Today is 2nd day of Ramadhan and I still adjusting to this matter. I mean... for waking up on 3.00 am in the morning for having sahur. Then went to work earlier than usual. FYI.. during Ramadhan, our office hour is from 08.00 up to 16.00 WIB.

Yesterday.. I yawned and yawned almost for the whole day @ work. Felt so sleepy. All I want was take a nap >.<. But Alhamdulillah... Thanks God, I can still force myself to do my job here @ the office. And now.. I think my adjustment run well. Well.. I still felt bit sleepy, but less yawning :D.

Anyway... have a GREAT Fasting friends ^__^

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