07 March 2011

Thanks GOD

there's no question like this 'why do you want to leave your current job' during today's interview @ SPENCER.

I really don't like it. Why? Gee.. I don't know.. Maybe cause -in my own opinion- there's no right or wrong answer for this.

I'm sure that every company had their own rules or policy and nature. So what's look good for this company may look the opposite way for other company, right? So what I mean is that its depend on how we see it. And you have to try other's shoes to understand how they feel.

Anyway, it's my own opinion. You may correct me if I'm wrong ;)


  1. be on the point *i'm doing what i want to do ..*
    you dont need to be corrected by anyone else :)

  2. @ AW: You're right. Thank for broaden my view :)

    @ Dhemz: Thanks dear ^_^