10 March 2011

The King's Speech

I really like this movie!!
2 THUMBS up!!
Saw it last Friday @ Gandaria City's XXI with my best buddy Rika. Actually, she already saw this movie, but she didn't mind at all to accompany me and watched it again. Isn't she lovely..???

the Real King George VI & Queen Elizabeth

Can't say much about it except how much I love this movie. So natural, so down to earth. I never know that a King could have such a 'common' problem like this. I thought that royal family always have the ability to speak since they we're little. 

Duke & Duchess of York and Mr. Lionel Logue
All performances from all actor and actress in this movie is so amazing. I mean, it's so nice to see the 'normal' side of Helena Bonham after seeing her crazy n evil character as Bellatrix Lestrange. Or seeing Geoffrey Rush as a loving dad and out of ordinary therapist. So different with his character as Capt. Barbossa. 

For me, it's a MUST SEE movie.

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