15 March 2011

I Love Me

got this lovely pic from google
I Love You.
How many times in a day we say it to others? Once? Twice? Or even more.


How many times in a day -or even in a month- we say it to ourselves.

Is it that weird?

To stand in front of a mirror and say 'I Love You' to that beautiful creature that we see. To that reflection in front of us.

I Love You who try your best in finding and get close to your GOD.
I Love You who never gave up even in a stormy day.
I Love You who always try to be yourself, although there's a moment when you wish that you're someone else.
Maybe you're not as slim as your friend,but I Love Your effort to eat healthy food.
Maybe you're not as smart as them, but I Love the way you broaden your view with reading.

Yes, how many times you say it to the reflection in front of you.


If I say it more often, someday I'll be able to say..


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