07 January 2011

3 of Us

Few days ago, I met with my high school friend again. Rika and Rahma. Actually I kinda often met and hang out with Rika -before she's busy with her exercise in gym and her new bf- coz our office is kinda quite close to each other. While with Rahma, we rarely met. Especially since she got married then became full time mom for her 3 daughters. Busy busy busy!! 

Thanks to internet, this past few month, we met again. It started from facebook, then continue with ym. And from several chat and conference, we finally agreed to watch movie together. It supposed to be after Christmas but Rahma got sick, so we postponed it till this Wed.

You know what, although we don't have much time to talk (the movie start @ 7pm, and we met few min before 7), I really enjoy that night. Meeting with my friend again after so long. Knowing that they do change after so many years, but yet in some point they still the same. Dearest friend of mine. For ever.

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  1. ketemu teman lama...
    sahabat yang deket banget tapi lama gak ketemu
    pasti sungguh menyenangkan Mbak..

    aku jadi kangen teman temanku jugaa