14 January 2011

Big 20 of Year 2011

This will be my 1st writing prompt on this BRAND NEW YEAR!!
Hmm.. since it's a common thing to make resolution in new year, so I choose prompt No. 4) A list of 20 ideas to make this your best year yet.

This past few years I learn to make realistic resolution or plan for the whole 12 month. I mean, I don't wanna always stop in the middle of present year just because I get bored or desperate with my own unrealistic (to high on expectation) resolution.

So.. let see what I got in mind to make this year my best year yet.
Start my day with gratitude to Allah, God the Almighty. 
After all, for all these years, HE already give me a lot. A Super mom, supporting best friend, air to    breathe, shining sun, and many more.  And I can only return all HIS kindness with my gratitude. 

Read (recite) The Holy Qur'an more often. 
Because it's my guidance to life my live better and with it, hopefully I can know my God better. 

Try to accept and love myself better.
If my family and friends can accept me just the way I am, why can't I? Why do I questioning myself??

Fill my mind with positive thinking
Try to have positive feeling each and every day

Spend much time with family and friends
Who knows.. maybe this year will be the last time I could hang out and spend time with them.

Write! Write! Write!
Try to write more often, every where. Blog, diary, or just on a piece of toilet tissue. Write all down and make my own history.

Read and read again.
Broaden my world, my view with lots of books. Let my mind travel to the past, to fairy land, to the future. With books.

Let my finger dance.
Crocheting more often. My plan for this year is to crochet wearable for adult, not just for baby like last year.

 Try another crafting.
I'm quite good in crocheting, but so lame in knitting. So it's about time to upgrading my knitting lesson. 

Move on!!
Can't forget the past coz it will always be part of me. But its time to move on and write down new story. Make peace with my past.  

Be spontaneous
Sometimes its good to go out and just try to do something out of my habit. Who knows.. maybe it will do something good.

Gosh!! never really good at this. But have to try it harder this year. CHAYO!!!

Pretend that its the 1st time
Daily routine at work can make me bored to death. So my plan is to pretend that it's my 1st time. 1st time drafting a letter, 1st time calling insurance agent, 1st time handling complaint. All 1st experience always fun even sometimes bring tears when it happened.


 Love mother nature
Earth and mother nature is getting older and older, while they carry a lot of thing on their old shoulder. So let show them some love. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

A Healthy Life
Start to love my body. Begin with feeding myself with more veggie and fruit. Try to reduce my coffee  & snack addict. Eating for life and not Life for eating.

 Sleep Well
Learn How to Cook
My late grandma, my mom, they all a very good cook. Me? Well.. I can bake cake or cookies, but cooking??? Hmm.. looks like its time for me to learn how to do it.
Gift! Gift! and more Gift!
I always loveeeee gift. It doesn't matter whether is was fancy or cheap or handmade. I just love it!! So this year.. I wanna share some gift for my friends n family. Not a B'day gift. Its just my way to say thanks for being there for me.

Last but not least... Enjoy Every Single Moment


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  1. very good resolutions.
    Yeah the important thing is be happy. :)