31 May 2010

One Day Mother

Today i'm gonna tell you about me being a mommy for a day :D. 

Last Tuesday (25/5) Aini ask for my help. Her daughter Nabila, had a school trip to Kota Bunga-Puncak. Since Aini n her hubby can't make it, so she ask for my help to accompanied Nabila. Since my house is far away from theirs, and we should be ready @ Nabila's kindie on 6.30 am, so I stay at Aini's place.

And the motherly things begin.

From accompanied her during the trip, watching her while she's playing in that amusement park, feed her, change her cloth after playing around for almost half (that includes all bathroom issues) and so on and so on. Bit hard coz I don't know how Aini use to treat her on daily basis. I mean I'm sure she had her on style in educating Nabila.. and I don't wanna make any mistake or ruin what Aini already set up. But then again.. I'm not Aini. Although I don't have any kid (yet since i'm not married) I have my own way in treating kids. So I don't wanna make Nabila confused. Thanks GOD I finally made it to get through this day with out any chaos. Applause for me pleaseeee!! :D

You know what.. when I finally got home and tell my mommy about this trip, she just smile (meaningful one) without any further comment.

Oh my.. after this trip TWO THUMBS UP for all mothers in the universe.


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