16 March 2014

Rosetta Translation: Your Partner to GO INTERNATIONAL

Have you ever imagined that your businesses go Internationally? Let us imagine that you are Indonesian who have your own furniture business. You build the company from scratch and already have local customer. It’s 2014 now and you’re thinking to widen your company. You risen your target. It’s time to go international.

Isn't it great if you can export your rattan sofa to Europe along with your rattan bed set. Or maybe, seeing your Balinese Wood Carving  placed in a Prestigious Hotel in Middle East. Are you smiling now? Well well, I think you love the idea to go international and reach more customer, which mean more profit for you.

BUT, before those profit, you have to deal with paper. LOTS of paper. Am I right?! From the simplest paper like Offering Letter to major documents like agreement. And since your dream is to go international, you might meet the language you never heard before. English would give you the slightness problem I suppose. But how about Arabic, or French or even Russian? Whether you like it or not, you have to be ready when they send you documents with their own language. You cant just say, ‘I don’t understand your language. Could you send me those documents in my language?’ You may say GOOD BYE to global market if you say that.

So, what should we do then? It’s easy. The 1st thing you should do is to find yourself a Translation Agency who understand your needs. A translation company who have an excellent track records of  translation services  and off course with competitive price. A company that might help you to achieve your dream of reaching international market. Having a GOOD product is a must, but respecting your client by speak with their language even with a help of a third party, is a need. And when ever you need a translation, you may think of RosettaTranslation

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