09 June 2010

Sunday Morning @ Sayap Ibu

Hi guys!!
How are you today?? Its already mid-week again. So how was your weekend?? Was it good?? or maybe bad?? Hmm.. my weekend was so great. I spend half of my day (Sunday) @ Sayap Ibu. It's an orphanage at Barito area.

I went there with some of my new friend from NGERUMPI (So sorry guys, I hardly can remember all of you :(. I'm so slow in remembering people). Specially coz I was late so don't have a proper time to get to know you all. My mistake :(

Back to Sayap Ibu. Actually, I already visited that place a few week a go. But at that time, I didn't met any kids -since I came on nap time-. But last week, I finally met n played with some of the kids. Hmm.. let me introduce you to some of them.

This handsome boy is Tegar. He's the 1st kid who gave a 'welcome tap' on my hand. He's so skinny. I kinda afraid that he might fall or break down every time he walks. The nanny there told me that when he 1st came to this place, he can't walk at all. But thanks to therapy n surgery that he got, he finally can walk and even run just like the others. But he's voice wasn't clear.
This cute gal here is Irma. So active and talkative :D. One of the 'mom' there told me that Irma is in adoption process. Actually few months a go she already been adopted but when her new mom-dad took her to their house, she scream and cry. So they send her back to Sayap Ibu. Hopefully she'll get along fine with her new parents ^_^

This boy is Wahyu. I think he got the nicest smile among them. But hearing his voice is like waiting for rain on the desert. He RARELY speak. When I 1st arrived, he's so busy with his coloring book n color pencil. Wish someday I could hear his voice :)
Last but not least, Odi. During my visit, in most of the time I can't hardly see him without remote control. Yep!! He likes to moved tv channel with remote. When the nanny hide it, he simply grab a plastic chair and pull himself up to the chair so he can reach the tv on shelf. I almost burst into tears when he came to me and ask me to carry her on my hand while saying  (more or less) 'I already pick those papers n throw it to garbage can'. So its like he asked me to carry him as a payment coz he has done something good.
You know.. spending time with them was so unforgettable. Although it wasn't my 1st time in visiting an orphanage, but I felt something different there. Maybe because most of the kids there are those with some disability. 

Anyway.. they gave new perspective about life. About how am I suppose to be grateful to what I already have and not only focusing to my misery.
I wish.. i really wish i could more things for them.

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