23 September 2010

Tonight's dinner

It's rainy season here in Jakarta.
Almost every day we got heavy rain. Today even worst. Not just rain, but harsh wind and thunder. So scary and cold. All I wanna do is cuddling with my blankie.

Kinda funny.. I always love rain. But sometimes I hate it at the same place. Why?? Coz if the rain was so hard and cold, I always feel hungry :(. Just like today. Rain started around 4 pm and ended around 8 pm. I already have snack @ office, when I arrived home, still feel like wanna chew something in my mouth.

And you know what.. when I arrived home, my mom just about to pull out a pan of this macaroni schotel from oven. The smell of cheese makes me starving :((.

So damn irresistible *sigh*


  1. Ehmmm.....sounds like yummy.:)

    Surabaya is the same, rainy, cloudy and everything is gray. I also like rain but I don't like caught by rain. :p

  2. How's the weather now in your country friend? Today here, in the philippines is the 1st anniversary of typhoon Ondoy. So many feelings left untold
    btw, thank you for dropping some lines in my post. I appreciate your visit. :-)