28 September 2010

A Post Card

Last week I got a post card from a sister whom I know through blog.
Quite a surprise even though she said that she'll send me Eid Greeting through a post card. I mean, i thought she might forgot, but she didn't.

Receiving this post card brings old memory back. You know.. when there was no cell phone or internet. When you use airmail or post card to communicate with relatives and friends who lived far away from you. You know what.. sometimes I missed those moments. Time where I'm waiting impatiently for the postman. Wondering whether he'll bring mails for me (from my pen-pal ) or  not. I missed moments when I'm confused which paper should i picked for this friend, or which color will suit for other friend. 

I don't hate technology, I really don't. It's just sometimes I feel that there's no personal touch when I used text message or mail. I mean.. when I wrote to someone, I tend to paid attention to every details from picking the paper to the color of my pen. And in every pressure that i made through my pen when i wrote, there's emotion there. Emotion or feelings or whatever you named it.

I really do missed those moments. 

And receiving this post card, brings those sweet memory back. 

Thanks a lot Sis ^_^



  1. It also has own pleasure waiting friend's reply and getting their letters. It's such a nice feeling.

    I never have a pen-pal, but I am thinking, may be it's good to have one. hehehe

  2. I used to have some pen-pal from IYS (International Youth Service). Too bad we lost contact, and too bad there's no more IYS :(