19 July 2010

Finally Said It.

I finally said it. Well actually write it down in email and send it to him. After try to control myself for not saying that (for almost 2 weeks), I finally failed.

But please don't imagining that I wrote long and boring email. Coz I don't do that. I just wrote down 1 line as opening and  'I miss You'. As simple as that.

Don't wanna add my mistake list by saying lots of word that might hurt him (again). But in the other hand, I don't wanna lie. I mean.. I do missed him. Missed our chat even it's just about weather or even just a short 'hi' and 'how are you'. 

I do feel relief after tell him that I missed him. But yet.. I think I shouldn't do it to often now. Kinda not fair for him.

Please help me Allah..


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