16 July 2010

DC Offline Course

FRI (Festival Rajut Indonesia) already finished since last week. It's been a great time and experience for us *specially me* in learning how to manage a stand, to believe in our friends, to handle people (whether customer or customer to be or even someone who's just having window shopping). Tiring but yet FUN!!

FRI has gone (for this year) but new things came up. Wanna know?? Well you see.. during FRI, lots of people who came to our stand, asking about course. So our Moderator and Assistant Moderator have an idea to make offline course. So each one of us (who's interested in teaching) can put our name and contact number in DC's Offline Course Brochure. So if you're interested in taking Crocheting or Knitting Course, you can choose one of us (who ever you want or maybe who close to where you life).


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