06 September 2011

Work Again


Its my 2nd day of work after a week of for Lebaran (Ied Day). And my off days were ok. Just stayed at home. Eating, sleeping, watching tv, reading, crafting. Well.. things like that. Bit boring na?! But that wasn’t boring at all for me. 

I mean.. I manage to finished 200 pcs of wedding souvenirs for my BFF’s sister. I also finished 1 granny jacket (again) for my friend’s newborn baby including ear-flap hat. I also spare a day to have massage (for my twisted ankle) and visited my BFF and had great time with her.

So the bottom line is that my holiday wasn’t boring at all. At least for me. And now.. back to work.. back to part of reality that bites.

Have a GREAT Day friends ^__^


  1. you did something great in your holiday. That's much better than me :p

  2. But yet... you had chance to be with ur entire family, dear ^_^

    Lets just say that we all had a GREAT holiday ;)