25 July 2011

{snack} Madu Mongso

A while a go, my boss arrived with little present for us. She brought us snack from Central Java called MADU MONGSO (my fav.). 

When I was a kid, my late grandma used to make this snack on Lebaran Day. She said this snack called Madu (honey) Mongso (javanese term for season) cause this snack's taste was sweet and sour (like honey) and they only exist on special occasion like Lebaran Day and Wedding Party.

Madu mongso was made from tape ketan hitam (fermented black sticky rice) , gula aren (brown sugar) and santan (coconut milk).

Tape Ketan Hitam (pic from here)
Gula Aren (pic from here)
santan (pic from here)
All you have to do is boiled coconut milk with brown sugar, then pour your fermented black sticky rice. Stir them all together untill there's no more coconut milk left. Then take them from the stove and leave it until it cold.

Last step after it's cold, just take a spoon of Madu mongso, twist it and wrap it with plastic or crepe paper. 

At home, we usually serve it with fried nut also.

Gosh!! this posting made me remember my grandma :(

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  1. I like Madu Mongso too! I like everything sweet :p