16 November 2010

I Confess that....

I'm scared to start another relation with a man after what I had in the past. Not just because it was so hurtful before but also because I still in a shadow of my parents broken marriage. I mean what if I end up the same like their marriage? Like my mom who's left behind with two kids.  And if it's happened,  I wonder will I survive??

You see...it took a lot of courage when I started that relation. And when it finally end, I feel like there's no other chance for me. Although in some point I realize that it wasn't my fault. I mean.. I'm not the one who lied. And now.. I still try to convince myself that there's no guarantee that what happened to my parents will happen to me. I'm still try to convince that there's a man out there that really there for me and its just a matter of time before we finally meet.

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  1. Hey, girl, I suggest not too worry about it. u're right, there must be somebody for someone. u'll meet him in the right time and the right place, let's pray...

  2. I am sure Allah has prepared a good guy for you. It's just about time.
    Do you know Paramore's song "The only Exception"? try to listen to it and watch the video clip, it's a nice song. :P