28 October 2010

My Sunshine

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you can not see the shadow” 
– Helen Keller -

I wish I could to that. Not able to see shadows over me, dark clouds over my head. But yet in most of my life, I saw them into various shape. From my parents divorce, loosing a job, loosing a house that i called home for 25 years, and many more. Sometimes I wonder when will these things end? When will I found peace for myself. 

But yet, I still life and not gone crazy like i think i would with all those shadows which i called problems. I can laugh and even laughing all those old time problems. Which by the way i never think i could do.

And all of that happens because i finally realize I'm only human. It doesn't matter how hard  I tried to solved or fixed things, to change my life, to have the certain situation I want, I just couldn't do that. Not if ALLAH didn't allow me to. 

Hey.. I'm not that religious. I just finally realize that I can only do my best and leave the rest to HIM coz HE know what best for me. Besides, HE never left me alone. HE appears and shows HIS existence through my mom's love, through my best friend who accept me just the way I am. 

And you know what.. every time I try to count all misery, dark clouds, shadows, problems or what ever it was, HIS blessed and gift are lot more than that. The air I breath for free, the chance to wake up healthy every morning, to see the sun shining, the rain falls, all of that are HIS gift for me. 
So what can I do other than be grateful and stay think positive.

And when ever i down and felt that HIS being unfair... i just remember this verse from Holy Qur'an:

'Then which of the favors Of your Lord will ye deny?' (55:13)

Mama's Losin' It


  1. Yes... stay positive. He doesn't put you through anything you can't handle...

  2. I love the sentiments in your post. We are so blessed, and opportunities like sharing with each other via Mama Kat's are another way of supporting each other!

  3. Amen to everything you said! I'm so glad you stopped by my site today and commented. We have things in common and it looks like we look at life in similar ways. LOVE the song by the way!!
    Have an awesome day!

  4. Yeah we have to be grateful for what we have right now.
    I think you are a great and strong woman who could pass through all the problems you ever faced.
    Don't worry, all the hard things will make you be tough and mature. :)

  5. Thanks all ^_^. May you have a blessed life ^_^