28 October 2010

Craft for Humanity: A Call for Crafter

Indonesia is fighting two disaster at a time; Tsunami at Mentawai (West Sumatra) and Eruption of Mount Merapi. 

The latest news about those two disasters is that 32 people died because of Mount Merapi Eruption while 311 people lost their life on Tsunami Mentawai. Those number still climbing due some difficulties to reach all area of those two disasters. 

One of Indonesian blogger, who’s also a crafter and the founder of Tobucil & Klabs, Tarlen, got this idea of Crafting for Humanity.

It’s an open invitation to all Indonesian crafter and all who care to help our brothers and sisters; the victim of those two disaster. The plan is to craft simple thing like shawl, amigurumi, notebook, drawing book, or whatever you want and donate them to those victim. 

Why? Because besides of those material lost, they also had traumatic moment. Especially children who’s suppose to be at school. Maybe with this simple thing, we can help those kids to have some fun at the shelter. To help them ease the pain and forget about the pain of losing parents, friends, relatives or even toys.

If you care to help, just send it to:
Tobucil & Klabs
Jl. Aceh 56 Bandung 40113
T/F 022 4261548

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