07 September 2011

My Lunch Today

My division had a meeting earlier today. Some of my colleague from Bandung were here. Before meeting, we meet outside to have lunch. They decided to ate @ Hayam Wuruk. A restaurant who specialize in Ayam Presto. I don't know what to call it in English. Its a fried chicken but the bone is so tender that you can eat it. So you can eat that chicken to the last piece.

I choose Ayam Cabe Merah (Red Pepper Chicken) since I like spicy food. Love the taste of red pepper with garlic even though it was bit oily.

Bon Appetite 


  1. the chicken seems like very hot

  2. salam kenal mbak.... :)
    so spicyyyyyy.......

  3. kalau itu pasti udah kulahap, hehehe :)