19 July 2011

Sneak Peek from Indonesian Crochet & Knit Festival 2011 (FRI)

Hi y'all!!
Hows ur weekend?
Mine was GREAT although got headache for few days. But the rest was so AWESOME!!!

There was Crocheting & Knitting Festival that held  in Bank Mandiri Museum (Kota) from 16 to 17 Juli 2011. Our Dinamic CroKnit group opened 1 stand there. Selling books and our craft project. 

Here's some pic of our stand ;)

Day 1

Sis Rini with all things for DC's Stand

Sis Iven with our Group's Book Banner
Finally!! Our book banner
Posing 2gether (Sis Iven, Sis Tety, Sis Tinu, Sis Irma, Sis Irma)

hungry.. after working hard for DC's stand

Our Stand, day 1
Sis Ike, Sis Kat (behind the Stand)
What we sell ^_^
our projects for sale ^_^

Day 2

Gosh!! 1st time on this stage (sis Lenny, Sis Thata, Sis Fenny (the photographer) Sis Rini n mE ^_~
still on stage :D
Aster (one of pattern in book)
Our audience ^_^
Sis Thata n her fans on book session ^_^
teaching time!! heheheh
Sis Lenny teach how to read pattern

while in our stand....

Our owner, sales promotion gal, all in one ~_^
money money come to us
Tantan, still counting money 
our member (without me, coz I'm the 1 who take pic using sis Fen's cam)

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