01 April 2011

How are You??

Hi sweety..
How are you today??
I bet you're ok now. 
Did GOD gave you any fish? or maybe cheese. Your favorite one.
Did you find your siblings there?? or maybe a new friend.
Hope you found one. So you wont feel alone. 

I missed you a lot.
I missed the way you sleep on my lap.
I missed you jump in my bed and crawl next to me.
I missed laughing at you when I tease you with my yarn
I missed to see you run from mommy.
Its your fault anyway. You stole our dinner ;)

I never had any pet again after you're gone.
Loosing you was sad for me and I don't wanna feel that again.
Besides, my new home was small now.
You can't run freely in this small house.

You know what?? 
I found some of your pic in my flash disk. 
Not much of pic. But at least they ease my pain little bit.
I edited them. Look nicer now. I think.

See you again next time.
In heaven.
I wish.


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