11 October 2010

My 1st shift

Hi guys!!
Hows ur weekend?? Mine was so great.

I spent it on DC's stand @ Golden Trully Dept. Store. FYI during the weekday, we hired someone to look after it while on weekend we handle it for our-self. The funny thing is.. I totally forgot about that off day for our sales promotion gal. So when I arrived and the stand still closed, I just thought that Sari (our gal) were late. I realized that she's off when I fill my shift paper :D

So on Saturday n Sunday I have to prepare our stand alone. Thanks GOD that wasn't a hard thing to do. What's hard was when I already opened, I need to go to bathroom. Can you imagine that??! Luckily our stand was located near to dept. store's cashier,so I can ask for her help to keep on eye on our stand for a while. Pfiuhhh!!

Learning from that lesson, on the next day (sunday) I go to bathroom first, then go to buy some drink and snack, then finally opened our stand. Smart na?!?

Here's some pic of our stand :D

early in the morning, around 9am
we're ready

after I take off the cover

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