03 August 2010

He Said I'm Arrogant

Remember my prev. post about my relation with him?? Incase you forgot.. this is the post.You know.. I'm not saying that I've made a wrong decision, but I think I didn't think it carefully at that time. Wanna know why?? Well.. for this past two days, I was both shocked and sad.

Shocked and sad because indirectly, he said that I'm arrogant. Yup ARROGANT. It's hurt enough when he said that I was mean. And now, he added arrogant to the list just because I'm asking why he tend to think negative about me. How can just because I didn't ol for a day, he's accusing me for hiding from him plus.. he said that I hate him. So was I wrong when I ask him, how come he think that about me? For me.. it's something normal to ask about. But like I said, because of that question, he considered me arrogant. More over.. he don't want any further discussion on that. So as you wish. I give up.

Don't you know, your words hurt a lot. For a whole day, I'm questioning myself. I even put status on my FB and my YM (through cell) 'Am I Arrogant?' Alhamdulillah, Thanks to Allah.. no one aswer that i'm arrogant. And honestly.. I felt relief. 

Now.. it's up to you. If you ever wanna talk, then we'll talk. If not, then I'll keep my mouth shut. Don't you know I've try my best for this. I'm not a talkative person, but yet I try to make conversation with you. I try to ask many question. Remember when I asked you about your family member?? You only telling me their name *with a few minute gap between one name to another*. Or maybe, last week on your off day. When you told me that you're bored and I ask why bored? don't you have something to do (a week before you cleaned your home)? Don't you go out? Remember your answer? More or less you said 'is it important to go out?' 'is it important to ask that?'. You know.. its like a slap on my face. You can considered my over reacted, but for me, your words means  that i'm not important for you. 

I'm only human. I can made a mistake. And all I want is when I did made a mistake, you tell me what was it, not pointing your finger and judge me. 

How can I know what's my mistake if you didn't tell me? 

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