06 July 2010

DC @ Festival Rajut Indonesia

Long time no see ^_^
Today I just wanna share about one of my activity related to my crocheting hobby. Well.. here's the story...!!

From 23dr of Juni up to 11 July 2010, there's an event called Festival Rajut Indonesia (FRI). It take place @ Ciputra Mall aka. Citraland. So, as crochet n knit lover, me and my friends from Dinamic Crochet aka DC try to participate in that event. Well actually Mba Thata who encourage us to participate. Finally, DC open one stand where we sell our products. And what can I say.. our stand is so colorful since it's consist of so many people with various character. 

If you don't believe in me.. just take a look at there pics.

our stand

our stand again

visitors @ our stand

visitors again ^_~


You see.. I'm telling you the truth when I said that our stand was so colorful. Still any objection on that?? Why don't you come and visit us @ Citraland. Hurry!!! This event will end on sunday ~_^

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