25 June 2010

My Baby (finally) Born

After almost a year.. my baby finally born!!
How is it feel??
Well.. like any other mom.. I feel so happy, relieved and also kinda scared. 
I'm very happy coz this baby... bring so many good hope and wishes for my future. Make me feel optimism in doing things for our future.

But then again.. i have to admitted that i'm bit scared. I'm afraid that i might fail :( during our journey. That i might make mistakes in raising my baby :(. It's really scary you know!! Coz I already lost a lot of dreams in my life. So I don't wanna feel that again. Not this time. So GOD please help me in raising this dream that i called my baby.

And my baby is.......

A brand for my crocheting product.

I wish this dream baby can grow up into a pretty child =)

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